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Blacks Creek Conveyors & Live Decks

Blacks Creek firewood processor conveyor

Firewood Conveyors

Starting at $5,495 CDN

Conveyor Specifications:

• 4.4hp Honda Engine

• 17-inch Belt

• Manual trailer jack to raise/lower

• Optional Aluminum Cleats

Length→Max Height

16’ L→ 8’ H

20’ L→10’ H

24’ L→12’ H

30’ L→15’ H

Trash Racks are available for FW Conveyors

Our conveyors are constructed with heavy duty steel frames and are powered by a V-belt Honda engine or hydraulic motor with remote and available in lengths from 16′ to 30′ long. Conveyors greatly increase firewood productivity not only saving you time and money but also removes the need to handle the firewood after it comes out of the processor. Conveyors give you the option to cut into piles or load it directly into a trailer. In addition to firewood, our conveyors can also be used for other materials such as hay, mulch, etc. giving you a wide variety of uses depending on your particular need.

To order or for more information, call:

1-888-989-3717 ext. 2

Financing Available

photo of firewood live deck for firewood processor

Live Decks

Starting at $3,400 CDN

Available Models: Dimensions

• 6′ LD-66: 6’ W x 6’ L

• 6′ LDA-66: 6′ W x 6′ L

8′ LD-68: 6’ W x 8’ L

• 10′ LD-610: 6’ W x 10’ L

• 12′ LD-610: 6’ W x 12’ L

* LDA-66 is a live log deck for Model 2500 firewood processor and is attached to the unit.

Live decks allow for large quantity of logs to be accessible for processing into firewood, therefore increasing productivity. The live deck uses a chain conveyor system driven by a hydraulic motor connected to the firewood processor’s hydraulic system to advance logs quickly onto the processor’s conveyor with the push of a lever. The units are supported by adjustable legs. Maximum log length, 16 feet.

To order or for more information, call:

1-888-989-3717 Ext 2

Financing Available

Blacks Creek Firewood conveyor trash rack

Trash Racks

Available options:

• Processor mounted

• Conveyor Mounted, no tray.

• Conveyor Mounted, with tray.

Trash racks are designed to help keep unwanted debris out of your firewood, before it gets to the pile or trailer.


To order or for more information, call:

1-888-989-3717 Ext 2

Financing Available


Blacks Creek Disclaimer
The purchaser assumes all risk and liability in the use of our machinery. Processors and equipment are not warranted to meet any safety code requirements of any state, province, or jurisdiction.

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