Yagmur Blitz Walk-Behind Tractors

Aimed at professionals and homesteaders who need a scalable tractor at an affordable price, the BLITZ 80 offers a wide speed range, thanks to its 4 forward and 1 reverse speed gearbox (in both directions), which allows it to handle 30+ different implements.

The lockable differential provides excellent maneuverability and traction in all conditions. Its adjustable, long handlebar system provides excellent leverage even when running heavy implements such as power harrows or tillers with “roller systems”.

Blitz 80


  • Commercial duty Honda GX270 9 HP Engine. Available in Electric or recoil start.
  • Quick coupling system
  • Engine Cover
  • Headlights for electric start version
  • Synchronized PTO
  • Standard 5″x10″x20″ adjustable wheels.


  • Front and Rear-Mount attachments thanks to REV system
  • Versatile & easy shifting speed range for all kinds of work
  • User-friendly differential lock
  • Tool-free attachment quick-coupling
  • High speed 4th gear as travel speed in both directions. Only Blitz offers this!
  • Synchronized PTO speed for 4×4 trailer use
  • Anti-vibration handle bar system.

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  • Front and Rear-Mount Use: Reversible with shuttle system (REV)
  • Gear box: Spur and bevel gears in oil bath
  • Number is speeds: 4 Forward /1 Reverse (in both directions)
  • Gear/Speed (km/h): 1 (1.2), 2 (2.26), 3 (5.08), 4 (15), R (1.8)
  • Gear/Speed (km/h) [REV]: 1 (1.8), 2 (3.3), 3 (7.4), 4 (21.4), R (2.63)
  • Clutch: Dry-Type Conic (TDS)
  • Clutch Control: Mechanical Deadman Lever
  • Differential: Lock and unlock lever on left handlebar
  • PTO speed (2 selections): 1- Constant speed (675 rpm or 985 rpm in REV). 2- 5 Synchronous speed (for 4×4 trailer use)
  • PTO Dimension: 16 UNI 221

  • Equipment Connection: Quick-Coupling system, without tools (HBS)
  • Brakes: NA
  • Handlebar: Horizontally and 180 degree adjustable.. 5 vertical adjustment positions.
  • Tow hitch: Standard
  • Safety: In conformity with CE standards
  • Weight: 140 KG

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