Celebrate Dad

Share stories around your new fire pit!

Fathers Day Fire Pit Giveaway

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Father’s Day Giveaway!

This Father’s Day, we honor the incredible Dads who’ve shaped our lives.

At Blacks Creek Innovations & Black Horse Trailers, we cherish the memories of Dad teaching us to cut wood, working in the forest, and sharing stories around the campfire. These moments have inspired us and taught us the value of hard work, respecting nature, and treasure our families.

To make this Father’s Day even more special, we’re offering a chance to win a fire pit! Place an order with us, and you’ll receive 10 free ballots for the fire pit.

Not placing an order? No problem—you can still enter for one ballot per person for free.

Enjoy our annual 5% Father’s Day discount on our firewood processors and forestry trailers.

Fill out the form for your chance to win this Custom made, Made in Canada by Canadians using North American Steel!

May your Father’s Day be filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments by the fire.