Firewood Processing Productivity

Your Business

What is the most important factor in keeping your costs down and profits up? Productivity. The firewood business is back-breaking work, and if you’re injured or exhausted, work just doesn’t get done. And if your equipment can’t stand up to the punishment, you have to deal with downtime and repairs. You lose money and time.

Our Mission

At Black’s Creek, we know the firewood business. And we’ve invested heavily into designing and testing the right tools for the job. So your business just runs.

Blacks Creek is family-owned and operated right here in Eastern Ontario. We started this company with the goal of improving people’s lives. Every innovation is designed for maximum output and durability. For you, that means less risk of down-time, hardware that won’t break under heavy use, and features that let two to three people do the work of ten.

We’ve chosen high quality grapples and cone splitters to complement our lineup to help you get your logs out of the bush and split larger diameter logs into manageable pieces, and conveyors and other accessories to keep you processing without needing to stop.

Blacks Creek is your partner for firewood processing productivity. If you have special requirements, our team is always eager to come up with innovative ways to help you succeed.