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Blacks Creek Firewood Processors & Equipment - 2018 Price List & Tech SpecsFirewood ProcessorFirewood Processor Model 1500  $12,795 YouTube Video Specifications • 13hp Honda Engine • Hydraulic Pump: 2 stage 16/4 gpm • Hydraulic Reservoir: 10 gallons • Splitting Cylinder: 3½” x 24” • Chain Saw Bar: 18” Bar / .325 chain • Saw Chain Lubrication: Gravity feed • Maximum log diameter - 16” • Conveyor type Hydraulic/Belt • Conveyor length - 8’ • Length of log - 8’ to 10’ • Firewood cutoff length: 12”-24” adjustable  -  in 2” increments • Belt conveyor 9” wide • Adjustable four-way wedge OTHER OPTIONS • $1,450 - Hydraulic log lift • $285 - Electric start (battery extra) • $975 - 6’ Log deck* • $2,825 - 6’ Live log deck* • $3,050 - 8’ Live log deck* • $975 - 36” Firewood cut off length • $565 - 11’ In-feed Conveyor deck * Not attached to processor

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We are headquartered in Canada's National Capital Region.


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WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? Questions about your Blacks Creek firewood processor and equipment are answered here. A specialist is at your service should you require product support. We deliver first class professional sales and after-sales assistance to satisfy our client needs at every opportunity. CALL 1-888-989-3717 CLICK to EMAIL As we continue to grow, Blacks Creek builds capacities to, not only meet the  high demand for our quality products, but also to maintain our dedication to our customers and learn about their experiences with our company. Today, Blacks Creeks supplies quality firewood processors that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. The booming success of our firewood processor and equipment sales makes us a North-American market leader in class. Please let us know how we may be of assistance. SAFE OPERATION Be aware of your surroundings and other people when operating Wear personal protective equipment and clothing Only operate equipment when you are well rested Prepare all related material supplies and equipment in advance Know how to use the controls before starting Inspect saw chain to ensure proper lubricat [...]
Firewood Processors & Equipment Made in Canada Shipped Globally 1-888-989-3717 or Click to Email Firewood Processor YouTube Video Firewood Processors & Equipment for Your Woodcutting Needs.. Blacks Creek manufactures quality and affordable firewood processors, equipment and conveyors. Our  design principle is simple, make our firewood processors and equipment rugged, reliable and good value for your money. Firewood processors and equipment reduce fatigue, are easier on your knees and back, and much quieter than a chainsaw. Best of all, our firewood processors and equipment will allow you to cut over a 128 cubic feet of firewood an hour. Cut [...]

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Providing the best quality and most affordable firewood processors.
OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE Blacks Creek manufactures the best value for money firewood processors and equipment on the market. We specialize in building quality and affordable firewood processing equipment and conveyors. Our design principle is simple; make it rugged, reliable and good value for your money. Exceptional Customer Service and Support are the foundation of our company. Canadian made Blacks Creek Firewood processing equipment reduces fatigue, is easier on your knees and back, and much quieter than a chainsaw. Best of all, our equipment will allow you to cut over a cord of firewood an hour (128 cubic feet). Producing firewood is not just a job. It’s about being outdoors, working with nature and being self-reliant. Blacks Creek simplifies your life’s work so you can focus on output. Nothing beats the satisfaction of standing back and admiring that big pile of wood you just cut! Blacks Creek Innovations Inc. believes in sharing the many benefits of living in North America. In order to do this, a portion of our profits are used to support community development around the world. We are pleased to partner with World Hope Canada to bring support to people in need around t [...]
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